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First post of the year, celebrating it with a post here.
So yesterday, I have been watching Johnny's Countdown.

Arashi as MC! I would say one of the best Johnny's Countdown!

Who would have thought Fumi would be collaborating with Matsujun??

And also one of the best DUO, Shuji To Akira! I literally flail like a retarded fan girl.

Overall, the best JCD EVER!!~~

Hope this year will be a prosper one.

Well, short post for now.



Almost end of year

It is the end of October, and November is approaching. And a lot has happened recently.

I got a job, though it is a part time job for now, the income is still good. But that means less time trolling around Arashi, lurking around tumblr and twitter.

Not to mention I have classes to attend to, so it is challenging and very exhausting. Well, that is what being a grown up is I guess.

Arashi Japonism Concert is nearing, and still don't have much money to buy the goods. They are so tempting and all, but the price is not that cheap.

Guess I have to wait and see. You know, being a grown up an all, it always come with a price.
Time is not always on our side, money definitely not on our side, even friends and relationship broke off unknowingly. I wonder why.

so many question, less answers. oh well..

That is it for now. Don't know when will I be able to lurk here again.

How do you exactly do that?

I have been wondering about this for a long time and still doesn't get any answer.How exactly did the writer of fanfics write their story?

I only manage to pour out only one idea, and even that takes me more than a month. I'm impressed by the fact that some could actually wrote within a day or less.

I have a lot, and yes a LOT of ideas in my mind, but I can't seem to pour it all out in writing. I can imagine everything, but whenever I want to put in words, everything go south.

Maybe I don't have the skill to write while imagining, adding to the fact that my vocabularies are limited. Also to the fact that I/m quite the procrastinator and a lazy writer. hahaha..

Well, maybe I should take one step at a time. Maybe then I could write another fic. We'll see.

Oh well, enough rant for now.



Past the 24 number

So my birthday hadjust passed by a few days ago, but not so much achievement unlock.
And I still can't go to Japan. Ok, that maybe too much, but I would really want to go there someday.

Subs for digitalian are out, but I still don't understand why I didnt bother to download them. Usually, it would be the first thing I would look forward to.

Not to mention every time I download Arashi concerts, I have the tendency not to watch them as a whole, but rather skip them. hahahaha, something is wrong with me.

But the spoiler, and the gifs is more than enough, so yeah, I will watch it later. Right now, its back to anime world.

That's all for now. Bye!


Another and another quick update

July is half way through, and a lot of updates and event is happening.
First off,otsukaremashita Sho-san! You work so hard, and it always amazes me how he can do everything in time.
He really is Mr Capable! I can't even stop myself from flailing crazily every time he appear during the Ongaku no Day event. He is very professional, and working so damn hard.
Not to mention he never show his tiredness but more energetic then ever. The fact that Arashi supporting him already makes me proud.
The behind the scenes story is so impressive that I wont be suprise if he gets a lot of MC opportunity in the future. Also, can't help but squint and Yama overload of adorableness and cuteness.
I haven't watch the vs with v6 yet, but I'm rooting for a worth while episode, as vsarashi recently feel a bit out of place. I still enjoying them though.
On another note, Eid is coming, and I can't wait to celebrate it with Muslims around the world. I hope it will be a meaningful one this year.
Owh, I just got a new laptop recently, so expect more of Arashi downloading stuff in the future.
Well, that is all for now. Will be updating in future time.

Another Quick Post

I'm bored, so might as well make a quick update here. So I had read a few sakumoto fan fiction, of course there is a lot of kyaaaaing and squealing in between.
There is this story that makes to the list of my favorite sakumoto fics. The feel...
I just realize that I really enjoy reading AU fic for sakumoto. Maybe because they suits to play a lot of different characters into different kind of story.
And having Niño as the president slash supporter of sakumoto is definitely a must. And fun.
I'm hoping for more of their moments, whether in VS, in Shiyagare or any photo shoot. Anything involving this two dork will do.
On another note, first semester of my study is almost over, and I'm so not ready to end it. A lot of procastinating and what not, and too much playing around. Hahahaha.. Well, real life is never easy to begin with. So, just go with the flow I guess.
Well, I should probably end my post here.
Jaa neeee!


A Lot Has Change

Just a quick update.
It seems that a lot of community have bee recently shutdown, if not in hiatus or no longer active. It was no suprise to me though, with a lot of things happening lately, copyright and what not, not to mention some irresponsible people streaming subbed videos which was not supposed to be shared anywhere.

The fact of finding a subbed video alone is hard work, but breaking community's rules?
The fact that there are people risking their security sharing "Illegally" is already dangerous, but jeopardizing them? I am not suprise a lot of fansubbers had taken a strict guidelines to join a community.

We all love our idol, but there are manner to do so, especially among fans. I just hope this issue won't be much of a trouble anymore, though i hardly see any exit of it.

On another note, after watching Platina Data, I have the urge to look for more of ninomiya's movies. Urghhh, that boy is bias killer. Hahahaha... and his birthday is just around the corner. Arashi has suddenly become old. Hahahaha...

Owh, and I am currently enjoying watching How To Train Your Dragon 2, and so much HiccupxAstrid shipping. And I enjoyed looking at Toothless, that freaking adorable dragon!
So I start reading their fanfics. Very fluff indeed.

I will be updating more if I have the time (and not so much laziness).



It's mid 2015 already!

It's 2015 already? In the middle of 2015 to be exact!
I haven't post anything at all last year. Well, blame the theft who stole my computer, not even my hard disks are left out.
All of my Arashi stuff is gone! The videooooo...
I really need to get a new laptop pronto! Too many things to download!
Since I have been on a break from Arashi fandom for a while, now I am officially back! A lot of catch up, but I am definitely enjoying it. Not to mention how kakkoi these 5 baka people are.
Especially otp. Recently, I watched Nino's movie, Platina Data out of curiosity. The story is nice and all, just a little lack here and there. But I am very satisfy overall. Niño really really really umaiii! He act so well and really deserve outstanding achievement. He makes me search more of his movies. He definitely a one multi talented person. Though I did watch him before in Yamada Taro Monogatari, but the character is definitely different from Platina Data. One thing though, why must the ending be like that??? No, why must the start BE like that?? Why must Kiko die first?? The feels at the ending though... Erghhhhh, that is so sad yet sweet. Man this feels are too much. Bittersweet as Ohno might say. Hmmm... What is it to rant anymore? None for now I guess. Though RL still bite me, I just go with the flow. Hahaha..
Well, enough of rambling.
Jaa neee!

First post in 2013

It's November, n this is the only time in the year that I have posted anything here. My journal is getting dusty and empty.

So it's almost end of the year season, n also happens to be my final semester of the final year in my degree program. And yet I haven't achieve anything big.

Still no money, increasing of jdrama downloads, and lots of procrastination. Hahaha.. This 3 years of studying had taught me a lot of things.

Still thinking on what to do after this, but for now, need. To. Find. Money. Arashi cons goods are so tempting!!!

The pouch and tote bags definitely attract me. But I really need to find money, and fast! Wish money could grow from tree..

Lately, I've been keeping up with Johnny's Jr. Not to mention a lot of A.B.C.Z and kisumai. Heard about them attending concerts and stuff, but wish it would make it in the DVD.

But since it's Johnny's, quite hard to get. Though I'm still waiting that one day when they would be any collaboration of Ebikisu. That day, I'll scream and run in daisies. Hahaha..

Hmmmm.. Anything else? Well, I'm still me, just growing both physically and mentally. Mostly physical..

I guess that's it for now, don't know when I'll be back again. Well, whenever I think I want to post, I'll be back.

So tata!

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Updating...... A bit

Currently in Langkawi, holiday with family. But it was suppose to be a Study week, not a holiday-no final exam-week.
But, I just want to give me self some reward.

Popcorn Goods are quite expensive, no, so damn expensive, but manage to grab one or two.
And I still looking for some to get. but damn, I want the towel so badly!!! But it cost more than 100, like EHHHHH?

And currently finding money from scraps, on the floor, behind the cushion... ok, I wasn't that desperate, just exaggerating.
But, I still need money to buy more Popcorn goods! and Fast!

And there's the GDA thingy! and the ticket's price is like my one month allowance! No way, so it's up to miracle to do their work.
I soooo wanna go, just like other thousands of K-fan. Though I'm o Arashi back to back,(and always will be), I still follow some update.

Well, maybe less than some. A few maybe? But hey, I still listen to Teen Top. And they haven't release anything yet, yeah... 
But I still wanna go to that GDA! Urghhhhh... the life..

Oh well, for now, can't wait for the goods to arrive. On another side, Finals is coming! Me is scared!!
Have to start srudy soon! (PPPFFFTTT) seriously, have to...

Put that aside, and I'm off for now.
Maybe update with arriving of goods later. Maybe..
For now,